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FBC Sojourn 2018 Ecuador Teaser

Are you ready to see the work of God in a new way? Join us as we take a new approach to missions through FBC's Sojourn Cultural Immersion ministry!

The Matsiko World Orphan Choir

FBC Sacrament hosted the Matsiko World Orphan Choir, on January 17, 2018. Check out their 'spirited' performance.

The Chapel - FBC Sac Mini Documentary

When Diversity becomes our Strength. Watch the story of several strangers, from various backgrounds, come together, to recreate and remodel a Worship Space to bring people together.

Mini Documentary Trailer

The Historic First Baptist Church of Sacramento is on the front of the lines, with championing Diversity. Listen to our newly minted Sr. Pastor Lamar J. Pringle, talks life, and love. Follow FBC Sac's new journey in this mini doc series.

Diversity is our strength!

Mother's Day 2017

When our children come together to say Happy Mother's Day.


This video gives a glimpse at FBC and the importance of togetherness. 

Easter 2017 Recap

This is a behind the scenes look at our 2017 Easter service.

Diversity is Our Strength

Our Sr. Pastor Lamar J. Pringle, takes a dive into our illustrious history in his Unity Sermon a mini doc, highlighting our storied history.

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